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Diploma of Work Health and Safety [eDIP [BSB51319]] (Diploma of Work Health and Safety)
17/5/2021 to 1/1/2030
BSBWHS516 Contribute to developing, implementing and maintaining an organisation's WHS management system
BSBWHS517 Contribute to managing a WHS information system
BSBWHS512 Contribute to managing work-related psychological health and safety
BSBHRM530 Coordinate rehabilitation and return to work programs
BSBSTR502 Facilitate continuous improvement
BSBWHS515 Lead initial response to and investigate WHS incidents
BSBWHS519 Lead the development and use of WHS risk management tools
BSBWHS513 Lead WHS risk management
BSBWHS520 Manage implementation of emergency procedures
BSBWHS522 Manage WHS consultation and participation processes

Welcome to Pinnacle's 100% online Diploma Work Health and Safety (BSB51319) course.

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This online course has been designed for people who are wanting to work in health and safety management field at an organisational level, such as WHS Director or expert Safety Advisor. When time is precious this course offers participants the option to study in their own time. Participants will learn how to review and audit health and safety management systems, apply continuous improvements, undertake high level risk management processes and develop corporate style policies and procedure to manage work health and safety processes.

This course is built around a fictitious organisation and you will be engaged through scenario and problem-based learning. You are recruited as the new Work Health and Safety Director and as part of the assessment you are immersed into the workplace to improve the organisations work health and safety practices. 

Pinnacle's Diploma program is not like the others that have you complete one unit at a time for the amount of units required of the qualification. We have built a course that is clustered into three modules. This means you are completing integrated assessment and not unit-based assessment like the other providers do. This approach allows you to complete a more simplified, holistic assessment process and not duplicate assessment tasks.

Course Outline

The key areas covered by this course include:

  • Australian Standards and relevant regulations and legislation
  • Risk assessment and hazard control
  • Analysis of WHS management systems
  • WHS consultation and participant processes (identifying participants, reviewing procedures, ascertaining training needs, communicating data, developing improvement initiatives)
  • Incident response procedures
  • Assisting in incident investigations
  • Establishing, reviewing and evaluation WHS measures and initiatives

Course Duration/Schedule

This course is delivered online over a 12 month enrolment period, completed at your own pace. Throughout your enrolment your trainer will keep you motivated and make contact to ensure you are staying on track. 

Prerequisites you must supply before your course

To successfully enrol into this course each participant must submit a copy of their completed BSB41412,  BSB41415 or BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety Statement of Results showing completion of the following core units of competency:

  1. BSBWHS412 Assist with workplace compliance with WHS laws (or BSBWHS402A, BSBWHS402)
  2. BSBWHS413 Contribute to implementation and maintenance of WHS consultation and participation processes (or BSBWHS403A, BSBWHS403)
  3. BSBWHS414 Contribute to WHS risks management (or BSBWHS404A, BSBWHS404)
  4. BSBWHS415 Contribute to implementing WHS management systems (or BSBWHS405A, BSBWHS405)
  5. BSBWHS416 Contribute to workplace incident response (or BSBWHS406A, BSBWHS406)

The above prerequisites must be uploaded to your online learning platform. Access to the full course curriculum and assessment tasks will not be granted until the prerequisites are provided. Once you have submitted your prerequisites we will conduct the verification process and release access to your course within one business day of the documents being submitted.

Please note that BSB41407 - Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety is not equivalent, and does not meet the prerequisite requirements. If you hold this qualification, please contact us prior to enrolment to discuss options for recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Access to the full course curriculum and assessment tasks will not be granted until the prerequisites are provided and approved. To avoid delays in getting started, once you've completed the booking process, access your course link ASAP and submit your prerequisites.

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